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Come to Scolacium to visit the first archeological and multimedia Park in Calabria! You'll discover a wonderful world made of WI-FI area, agumented reality, 3d reconstructions, videos and more!
Interactive multimedia systems are used to enhance exhibition spaces, create an immersive and multisensory didactical path, and create a direct interaction between the visitor and the exposed products. As new technologies transform the museum and artistic experience in a dynamic, involving, emotional and highly suggestive enjoyment experience, they are powerful communication, information and entertainment tools.
Thanks to the virtual reconstruction of the Roman Forum and the Theatre, the ancient city of Scolacium comes alive. The visitor will be transported in a virtual context that rebuilt, thanks to the use of more modern technologies.
Thanks to our innovative technological equipment, the Archaeological Museum of Scolacium has become a cultural space even more engaging.
The archaeological findings are enhanced by our interactive, efficient and interesting tools used to engage individual visitors or guided groups actively during their museum visit.
Summer Schedule   Winter Schedule
Park   Park
Every day from 08:00 until one hour before  sunset   Every day from 08:00 until one hour before  sunset
Museum   Museum
Every afternoon  except Monday  from 15:30 to 19:00   Every afternoon except Monday from 09:00 to 13:00
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    • Guided tours
    • Guided tours
    • Guided tours organized by the Archaeological Superintendence and by the Director  of the Archaeological Park  Dr. Maria Grazia Aisa Continue